Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is ICanPublish?
  2. What is self-publishing?
  3. Why should I self-publish my book?
  4. What is On-demand?
  5. Is there a minimum quantity?
  6. Do I need to have an ISBN, LCCN number, or CIP information?
  7. What about my copyright?
  8. What file types can I submit for printing?
  9. What is casebinding and what are its advantages?
  10. What if I have a printing source, but want binding only?
Who is ICanPublish?
ICanPublish is an arm of HF Group, a full service bindery. As we have faithfully served the nation’s libraries – we are now prepared to facilitate the book manufacturing process for those who want to self-publish. Our experience will insure that you get a high quality product that can last for future generations to read! Return To Top
What is self-publishing?
First we need to understand what publishers do, as self-publishing is simply being your own publisher. Much like the conductor of an orchestra brings everything together, or a general contractor gets each construction phase completed – a publisher takes an author’s work, gets it printed, bound and marketed taking care of the details (including copyright & ISBN registration). An author who desires to be a self-publisher needs to understand each aspect of the processes involved and be ready to orchestrate to the desired results. Return To Top
Why should I self-publish my book?
There are a variety of reasons, but most of them come down to control.
  • You own the copyright
  • You decide the pricing
  • You decide how /where/when to market
  • No publisher taking a % of royalties/sales
  • You get more of the profits
It is very difficult to get conventional publishers to give serious consideration to your work. There are publishers who are willing to take on anyone (for a price), sometimes called vanity presses or vanity publishing. Be wary if they want a fee – just for taking you on. They typically charge for a mark-up on the manufacturing processes, on top of some type of application fee. Some current “self-publishing” websites are actually small publishers that may be using the vanity model. Return To Top
What is On-demand?
On-demand uses digital technology to produce smaller quantities. This same digital technology can help to limit the size of inventories, by producing books as needed or “on-demand”. Return To Top
Is there a minimum quantity?
Yes. One. Obviously the more produced the better return you get on set-up costs, but we have reasonable pricing on providing just one book – if that is all you need. Being able to produce small quantities is a great way to get a limited number of books to an event, such as a book signing or seminar – it also means you control the amount of capital that gets tied up in your project. Return To Top
Do I need to have an ISBN, LCCN number, or CIP information?
Neither is required, however you will find most bookstores need the ISBN number to sell your book. The LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) and CIP (Cataloging In Publication) is used by library systems for cataloging. Self-Published works are not eligible to be cataloged in this program. If your project is to be used by family, or as your group’s fundraiser, there is no need to add to your costs and effort. If you intend to market and sell commercially, an ISBN is very valuable. Any library that purchases your book can add the cataloging data. You may get your never before published book a PCN (preassigned control number). Return To Top
What about my copyright?
Your work is protected by copyright as soon as you create it. In order to protect those rights, it is helpful to register your copyright. Equally important, is to make sure you have adequate permission when using or citing other people’s work as reference! Return To Top
What file types can I submit for printing?
We ask that you submit your file(s) as print ready in PDF format. For more information concerning PDF files, a good source is They even offer reasonable rates for converting certain files to PDF format online - if you don’t want to invest in a software package for your computer. Return To Top
What is casebinding and what are its advantages?
Casebinding, or “hard binding” is the process of making a case, into which your textblock is bound. We know how much effort you have put into your book, and now you want to put it into a format that will last! By adding minimally to your production costs, the casebound book has a higher sale value, and a longer shelf life than a paperback book. Return To Top
What if I have a printing source, but want binding only?
Sure, we can do that! Our experience as a full service binder for libraries makes us ideal for making your book an heirloom to treasure – instead of a “run-of-the-mill” paperback book. Return To Top